5 Engaging Social Media Posts that Your Customers Will Love
Keith Minick



Do you need social media posts that your customers will actually read and engage with? The options for social media content are nearly infinite. But we understand that it can be challenging creating new posts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be tough finding a balance between marketing your business yet providing sympathy during this time. We have five post ideas that can be included in your social media posting strategy. 


1.  Keep Customers Updated about your Hours and Services

Communicate any changes made to your business due to COVID-19. This includes changes to business hours, the way services/products are delivered, and any other changes. Creating a social media post explaining these changes is essential to your followers and customers. We recommend pinning this post on Facebook so that when followers visit your page, it is the first thing they see. In addition, updating your hours on Facebook is equally as important as posting about the changes. 


2. Show Support for your community through a social post

Within your local community, there are multiple businesses affected by COVID-19. During this time, instead of trying to land a sale, create a post showing your support. We encourage you to share a post from another local business or ask the question, “How can our business help during this time”? 


3. Update your social media pages at least once a week

We understand that this may be a season of chaos and uncertainty, but it is vital to keep your followers updated on the status of your business. We advise posting and update to your social media pages at least once per week. 


4. Make sure your social posts include your website link

Although this isn’t an idea for a post, it is key in social media to link your website within a post. When applicable, add your website link to your posts. Updating your website daily may not be possible however, you can update your social media channels daily.


5. Share resources available within the community

During this time of crisis, be sure to include resources available for those that may need them. Instead of focusing on direct selling, we should position our businesses as a valuable resource. Examples of relevant local resource links to share include: 

  • Food Pantries
  • Special discounts from other local businesses
  • Official announcements from the government 


Social media is a great tool to keep your followers and community informed with information about your business. Utilizing the tips above will allow you to create great content and offer resources during this critical time of need. We always encourage adding your creativity while maintaining a high level of professionalism. We are here to serve our community and local small businesses. If you need help with social media strategy and management, our Serv team is ready to help! Learn more about our services here and find out how we can partner together. 


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