Effective Landing Page Key Elements
Keith Minick

8 Keys to creating an effective landing page

The keys to an effective landing page are summed in to be clear and efficient. The first thing visitors get to see from you after clicking an ad or search result is your landing page. While your product is probably amazing and your paid advertising strategy solid, your landing page must be clear. If it is confusing and inefficient, it may as well be a trampoline because visitors will bounce away.

Effective Landing Page Layout Mockup

Landing pages that convert best are clean, well organized, the visitor never wonders what they should do next.  They are lead through a process from engaged and interested, to building trust and deciding to buy.

Effective Landing Page Key #1 – Be clear on what you are offering

Do not waste your visitor’s time, people do not like to be confused or lied to.  Effective landing pages have a single goal, the customer buys our product or service and experiences success.  That is an oversimplification but the point is, in 5 seconds or less they should know what you do and how it can benefit them, that’s the game.

The best way to offer clarity is by using bold and bright fonts that pull the viewer’s attention. You still want it to look good though so you may need to work with a web designer to get the functionality and layout you need.

Effective Landing Page Key #2 – Less is more

I can not stress this enough if your landing page is cluttered and messy, it will not convert.  Even if everything on the page is valuable, users will bounce, because it will be overwhelming. Why is that?  It takes work, and if the human brain doesn’t see an immediate reward for said work it will avoid it. Really all your pages should be built like this, not just your landing page. Always have a plan and goal for each visitor when designing your website. Here is an example of a page built using the keys to an effective landing page

Landing page example of a minimalist layout

So if you want your customers to take a specific action, then do the work for them. Make the page simple, but not insulting.  Use awesome visuals, easy to read large print, use body font sparingly. Customers who understand quickly are more likely to stay on-page. Which is exactly what we want because they cannot buy from us if they leave the page.

Effective Landing Page Key #3 – Build trust with recognizable partner logos

When you first encounter a new brand, what are the first things that come to mind? Probably price, quality, is it worth it for you, etc… but something happens after that. Right? Our brains go from primal to a little more logical, “can I trust this brand?” Or “are they going to sell my information?” And my favorite “Who do I know that uses them?”.

landing page example of how to display partner logos

These are all valid questions visitors will ask, and the truth is you cannot answer all of them. The trick is to answer as many of them as possible, leave a very small information gap. Partner logos from reputable brands and companies go a long way in building trust. Also, any awards for your industry are valuable to building authority and trust. 

Key #4 – Find a Way to Implement Video

Video engages 10x better than any other content format, a great video on your landing page will do two things, it will deepen the visitor’s time investment on our landing page and it will help them better understand the product or service you offer easily. Video also helps people connect deeply to your brand when they can see a person experiencing your product or service and watch them experience success it is as good as proof initially. This combined with the other key elements leads your site viewers to become confident purchasers because they feel like they understand and have seen the outcome of the decision to buy.

Effective Landing Page Key #7 – Make Sure your Effective Landing Page is Mobile-Friendly

Nothing will drive away a mobile visitor faster than a page that is not optimized to be viewed on their device, it is like telling them at that moment, sorry you are not welcome here and we weren’t thinking of you when we made this. Sounds pretty bad, during your final stages of web development and editing you should be sure to run through as many mobile device tests and optimizations as possible to ensure no one gets left out.

There are tools within most development platforms to do so, as well as a wide variety of functionality built into most browsers for web development and testing. Don’t forget about tablets! These devices are still very popular, especially in the middle to late age demographic, and though these users are less likely to make purchase decisions online than their younger counterparts, this doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about. So respect your elders and optimize for every possible screen size. This is also a major factor in landing those lauded organic visitors, search engine optimization takes into account mobile readability on each page of your site.

Key #8 – Test and Adjust

Alright, now you have an amazing landing page, with all the necessary elements needed to convert visitors into customers. Time to set it and forget it, right? Wrong. Huge mistake business owners make in marketing is spending money on advertising or time on building assets and not measuring how they perform. There are reporting tools available at every turn, so there is no reason you should not be measuring. That’s like turning on the water to boil and leaving the house, you should definitely check on that. If you feel like analytics reports are just too daunting and you want a simpler answer to whether or not your landing page is performing as you would like, then chances are you could use a marketing partner to help understand the complexities of marketing analytics.


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