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About Serv Marketing

We are a veteran-owned, results-driven, story-based digital marketing firm based in Cherokee County, Georgia. We specialize in helping small businesses connect deeply with their customers. In fact, our entire team is compensated to help more customers find you.

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Why We Exist

Our Mission

Strengthen communities, one business at a time.

Our Vision

To bring inspiration, deep connection, and growth to every small business we serve.

What We Believe

About Small Business

We believe outside of the church small business and strong families are the hope of the world, that drives everything we do from our marketing efforts to the people in our community we serve.

About Marketing

We believe that everyone with a pulse desires stories, this is how we learn and how we become better at life. We believe that marketing through story is marketing done well.

About Community

We believe that human beings were created to live in community and to be connected to one another, we believe as people we are better, stronger and able to withstand anything as long as we are in community.

About Giving

We believe that we are blessed with talents to provide excellent service and that we should seek opportunities to give those services away to those in need, we like to be paid but we love to serve with no strings attached.

Our Leadership Team



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