Jan News: Google updated its ranking algorithm
Keith Minick

Google quietly updated its ranking algorithm: The Maccabees Update

In the January edition of our newsletter, we discuss some important algorithm update which Google made in December of 2017 which cost many businesses organic ranking. This update was known as the Maccabees update. Our clients do not need to worry though, we were ahead of this update and your rankings were not affected! Find out more about this update and the following in our January Newsletter:

  1. Google updated its ranking algorithm called The Maccabees Update.
  2. December is an important month for your sites health and organic traffic, find out why.
  3. Google published guidelines on google assistant and voice search.
  4. Google began testing images in search text ads
  5. Facebook has released updates to the news feed.

If this makes you worried or you just don’t have the time to deal with it, we can handle your SEO for you.




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