How to Go Live on Facebook
Keith Minick

Business owners have been using the Facebook Live feature for a few years. With the current climate of our country, business owners are taking full advantage of the Facebook Live feature to stay connected to their customers. We understand that this may be a new concept to many business owners, but we are here to help navigate you through this process. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to go live on Facebook.


Step 1

From your computer or mobile device, go to your Facebook Business Page. Next, click on “post” or “publish,” which will open a new window to start new content. 

The screen and options vary depending on which Facebook app you are using. The image below represents what is displayed when accessing your business page through the Facebook app.


Step 2

Once you select “Go Live” your camera will then open to allow video recording. However, the next image will appear once the “Go Live” button is pressed. 

How to Go Live on Facebook 2



Before you actually start a live recording, you can add a description, effects, location, and any additional information applicable to the video. A rule of thumb for going live on your business page is – keep the video professional, avoid filters, avoid effects, and avoid profanity. After all of this information is inputted, press “Start Live Video” to being the live recording. 


Step 3

When you are ready to end your live video, click the “Finish” button. The option to save this live video to your phone or post to your business’s Facebook feed is then available. After these steps are complete, you have successfully achieved going live on Facebook! 

Now that we’ve talked about the technicalities of how to go live on Facebook let’s discuss some tips about the live video. 

Tip #1- Time Consideration

When going live on Facebook, choose an ideal time that your followers will be able to watch the video. We suggest avoiding going live during the middle of the workday, late at night, or any other time that is not convenient for the majority of your customers. You can track which times work best based on the metrics in your Facebook Insights. Determining which time is best will help increase viewers when you decide to go live. 


Tip #2 – Let your followers know when you’re going live

Let your followers know when you plan to go live ahead of time, if possible. We understand that some updates are sporadic, and the most efficient way to inform your customers is by recording a live video. For planned updates like the launch of a new product or service, opening a new location, or a QA session, we suggest promoting this live event at least a week beforehand. 

Don’t forget to remind your followers a few days before and the morning that you are planning to go live. 

Tip #3 – Engage with your followers

Once you have started a live video, Facebook allows you to see who is viewing or commenting on your video. Once you see that someone has joined or commented, be sure to acknowledge them immediately. A common question to break the ice is asking where viewers are watching from. Acknowledging your viewers builds excitement for the video. 


Tip #4 – Act Normal

When going live on Facebook, act normal. The last thing you want to do when going live on Facebook is to not appear like yourself. The viewer should feel as if they are having a face-to-face conversation with you when they watch your live video. It is very natural to be nervous, but with time the nerves start to settle. By consistently going live on Facebook, the quality of the videos will increase. 


Last Thoughts

Facebook Lives are advantageous when you need to share an update about your business. Consumers prefer video over any other type of content. Consider adding Facebook Lives into your overall social media strategy in addition to other engaging content that your customers will love. 

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