Marketing Analytics

You can’t expect what you don’t inspect.


Flying in the blind? Meet your guide.

Do you think you are doing all of the right things but not seeing results? Don’t know why your marketing isn’t working or driving the change you want?

Confusion is the enemy of marketing performance. Both for you and your customer.

YOU must understand with tremendous clarity and ease how your marketing is performing.

YOUR CUSTOMER must clearly understand your message and how it solves their desires and problems. 

Our custom dashboard provides a one-stop-shop for all of your reporting needs.

Are you using reporting and analytics to drive performance?


of marketers have problems with data and centralization

About 59% of marketers say their biggest problem in reporting is with data collection and centralization.


struggle to gain actionable insights from their reports.

43% of marketers struggle to gain actionable insights from reporting. 


of marketers seen desire holistic cross-channel dashboard.

There is a BIG desire for centralized, cross-channel reporting.


report accuracy and accountability issues.

Over 50% of businesses report they struggle with accuracy and accountability.

Hubspot is the source of information.

All of your reporting in one place. That simple. That easy.

Call Tracking

Call Lead Tracking

KPI Reporting

Weekly Reporting

Live Chat

SEO Crawler

Digital Reputation

Social Analytics

Google Analytics

Heat Map Analytics

Data + Strategy + Action = Results

Let’s face it, anyone can pull together some numbers. It is what happens as a result that matters. Our team will meet with you regularly to review reporting and create actionable strategies to drive performance. 

At Serv Marketing, our entire team is compensated on results OUR CLIENTS ACHIEVE.

Yep, that makes us different. But shouldn’t that be the way marketing companies operate anyway?

You can breathe easy. Our clients love their dashboard but more importantly, they love the team-based approach driven through actionable insights. 

Partnering with some of the biggest brands

We do the hard work so you don’t have to. There are so many places to go to for information. 

At Serv Marketing, we continually cultivate strong relationships with our marketing partners and other leading companies to bring our customers the best-in-class reporting and analytics experience.

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