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We are a Marketing Agency providing email marketing, text marketing, SMS marketing and messaging to small businesses.


Are you utilizing SMS, Email, and Messaging to grow?


In the digital world, email, SMS and messaging are a great way to grow for very little cost. 


For many though, doing this can be tremendously confusing and frustrating which is why we see many businesses underutilizing this great marketing opportunity.


Utilizing SMS, Email and messaging apps may be the best decision your company will make to engage your existing and potential customers. Especially, if you connect deeply through their problems. 


Businesses who win at SMS, Email and Messaging provide clear, action oriented messages to solve their customers’ problems.

Are you using SMS, Email, and/or Messaging to grow?

times the response rate for SMS over email.

SMS response rates are 7.5 times higher than email.

times the open rate for SMS over email.

The average open rate for SMS is 90% compared to about 10-20% for email. 


of marketers still don't use SMS

About 61% of marketers still don’t use text marketing to engage and attract customers.


of millennials prefer email communications from businesses.

According to Hubspot, about 73 percent of millennials prefer an email from businesses.


of marketers seen an increase in email engagement.

According to Hubspot, 78% of marketers have experienced an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months.

dollars per user is the average revenue from messaging apps.

Leveraging chatbots and messaging, Hubspot reports an average revenue of $15/user generated by using messaging apps (primarily Facebook).

Can't do everything?

Let’s face it, email, chat, SMS can be very time consuming and exhausting. It can be a full-time job. Doing it right takes expertise, availability and clear messaging.

Serv Marketing is a digital marketing agency located in the Canton/Woodstock/Holly Springs area. We will help you decide which platforms will be most effective and then help you connect deeply with your customers and potential customers. 

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