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Looking for a Paid Advertising Company? Frustrated by underperforming ads?

Serv Marketing is a top Atlanta Paid Advertising Company. We partner with our clients to create the most engaging, high-performing digital ads and landing pages to drive conversion. 

Our paid advertising agency puts your brand at the top of search results.

Our results efforts center around your IDEAL CUSTOMER and how they search. We first conduct in-depth character analysis and then identify how they search and where they spend most of their time online. We then build our entire campaigns to attract that customer to click AND convert.

In Paid Ads, the most successful businesses aren’t always the ones with the best product or service, they are the ones with a clear message!

Are you using paid advertising to grow?


of budgets are spent on mobile ads.

Marketing experts and businesses are putting 51% of their budget into mobile ads. 


Of ads on mobile are driven by Google.

Google drives about 95% of all paid ad search clicks on mobile.


of consumers click on mobile ads

According to the business wire, 60% of all consumers click on mobile ads at least weekly.


people will watch a video over read text.

According to Hubspot, if a video and ad text are both present on the same page, about 72% of people will watch the video rather than read the text.


of people click on text ads

According to Blue Corona, 49% of people who search online click on text ads.

will be the size of the video advertising industry.

By 2021, the video advertising industry will grow to a $22 billion industry.

What is Paid Digital Advertising & PPC?

Paid Digital Advertising  simply means spending money to position your brand in front of your ideal customers when they search for a product/service (on a search engine) AND when they don’t search but may be interested.

Do you know anyone who likes to be marketed to? 

Research tells us an overwhelming majority of people DO NOT like to be marketed to. Why? Because of poor planning, poor messaging, poor storytelling and poor targeting.

The best paid ads communicate clearly, target specifically and create an experience for the customer to easily convert. 

Are you telling a good story about your product or service. Quit wasting valuable dollars and time on ads that aren’t performing. Schedule time with us and we will provide a review of any current ads as well as offer some ideas on how to leverage different platforms to reach more customers.

Worry about tracking paid advertising results? Our dashboard is built for YOU.

PPC Dashboard

Platform Performance


Keyword Performance

Social Ads

Call Tracking

Google Analytics

Web Lead Tracking

Competition Analysis

Form Reporting

KPI Reporting

Our REACH process ensures PAID ADVERTISING success!


Research – Once you decide to use Serv as your PPC partner, we will begin the research process. This includes analyzing your website, identifying keywords, analyzing your direct competition, researching your location and developing a bid strategy to maximize keyword ROI conversion.


Establish- Next, we will set everything up for you. This includes setting up your PPC accounts, establishing goals, creating ad copy, setting up reporting, setting up the budget and bids and creating the landing pages


Analyze & Measure – Once we go-live, we will check the metrics, review quality scores and conversions, Review A/B split tests for landing pages and calculate costs and ROI.


Calibrate – We will then make some changes to ensure continued progress. We will work to optimize landing pages, update negative keywords, revise search terms, make changes in match types and remove any overlapping keywords.


Hypothesize – Lastly, we will partner with you to experiment with new keywords and suggestions and update any bids necessary.

Transparency is key. You Can See Success!

The entire process is tracked in our dashboard. You’ll see the content we create and detailed progress of your search rankings.

Watch our Explainer videos about how we use Paid Advertising to grow your business online.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Remarketing (Retargeting) Advertising

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