Video Production for Businesses

Interested in video production for your small business? Want to drive more traffic and leads?

Any business looking to drive more traffic and leads must consider video. Let’s face it, creating good and compelling video is hard. That is why we don’t see as many small businesses utilizing video as we should. 

Serv Marketing is a small business video production company with 20+ years of combined experience.

Our proven video production framework creates a story around your customer and how your brand solves their problems.

The most successful businesses aren’t always the ones with the best product or service, they are the ones with a clear message and use video to tell brand stories.

Let us help you create your brand video today!

Are you using brand videos to grow your business?


increase in organic traffic

According to OptinMonster, good video contributes to 157% increase in organic traffic.


of millennials watch video on social media, daily

Millennials are geared to watching videos. According to Animoto, about 75% of millennials watch video on social media, daily.


marketers say they've converted a lead into a paying customer.

Animoto reports 93% of marketers to report they have converted a viewer into a paying customer due to video on social media.


people will watch a video over read text.

According to Hubspot, if a video and ad text are both present on the same page, about 72% of people will watch the video rather than read the text.


increase in brand awareness

According to OptinMonster, Video marketers see a 54% increase in brand awareness with when using video as a key strategy.


of consumers prefer video content over traditional media

Hubspot reports consumers prefer video content over traditional media like email and blogs.

Our Video Production Framework for Small Business helps companies connect deeply and grow


Brand Authority


Logo Sting








Lead Generating


Case Studies


Client review

Check out a few samples of our brand video work.

Here are some examples of client work where we implemented video into their marketing strategy.

Our video production process helps engage viewers and build trust.


Learn – Who is your ideal customer? What do they care about? and how do they make purchasing decisions? We ask these questions to first learn about the person the video we are producing is for.


Ideate- Next, we creatively and strategically plan the types of images, wording, and audio we need to capture and maintain the attention of our target customer.


Gather  – Once we know what we need, we go and shoot it then whatever we cannot, or should not shoot we leverage external resources to obtain.


Hone – We will then make all necessary edits to prepare our video, this is also where we distribute the final product after in-depth review and editing.


Track – Lastly, as with everything we will follow our masterpiece into the devices and channels of the target customer, measuring its effectiveness and making changes as needed.

Tracking Video Results is key!

We track all of our results in our analytics platform. 

Don't have the video skills? Tired of doing everything yourself?

Video production is complicated. You’ve tried to do some on your own but it is extremely time consuming. We get it.

That’s why you need a team who understands your brand AND your customers.

Serv Marketing is a digital marketing agency and video production company specializing in creating compelling videos which drive viewers into consumers.

Our story-based video production framework helps drive more traffic, leads and customers.

Ready to create your brand video?

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