Should You Boost Your Facebook Posts?
Keith Minick

Should you boost your Facebook posts? Facebook is commonplace for small business owners, with almost 2 billion daily active users and 7 million advertisers. There are different options to advertise your business on Facebook, including boosting a post. As a small business, you may be enticed to click on “boost post” while creating content for your Facebook page. But before you decide to boost a post, let’s discuss the myths surrounding a boosted post on Facebook. 


Boosting every post on Facebook = Increased Brand Awareness

When attempting to boost every post, the ad has to undergo a review process that is done by Facebook. Be sure to read Facebook’s advertising policies first. If all posts make it through the review process, boosting each post still isn’t ideal. Here are some things to consider before boosting a Facebook post: 

  • Does your post have a specific purpose?
  • Does your post have an identified call-to-action for your followers?
  • Does your post lead to a landing page? 
  • Was this post designed to generate sales? 


If the answer to most of these questions is no, then we suggest you reconsider boosting the post. We strongly suggest against boosting every post, because it is not the best way to spend advertising dollars. If you boost a status update that is performing well, you may receive more likes but the post’s purpose was not to drive sales or leading to a landing page. You are paying for post impressions from users that may not need your product or may never visit your site. Engagement on Facebook should be a desirable goal, but when investing in ads, we suggest aiming for more than likes! 


Boost Facebook posts with links to get more clicks

Let’s say you just created a piece of content that you’re excited about and probably shared it on Facebook. This post is doing great on Facebook, and now you’re considering boosting this post so that you can get more traffic to this piece of content, such as a blog post. Before you decide to boost this post, reflect on the purpose behind promoting this post. Before deciding to boost a content-related post, decide how this will affect your business. Will this boosted post increase traffic so that these followers become customers? If you designed this content as an ad that has a clear call-to-action, then boosting this post is okay. However, if you are boosting this posts for likes or traffic to your blog, make sure that only your best content is being boosted. According to Social Media Examiner, if you want to drive engagement, they suggest promoting a post versus boosting a post. 

Boosting a Facebook post is the most budget-friendly advertising option for small businesses

It’s relatively easy to boost a post on Facebook, and the option to make this happen is appealing. Our paid ads experts said, “although less work is required to boost a post, it is not more budget-friendly than any other type of Facebook advertising.” While it may seem like a great idea to boost a post, you typically end up spending ad dollars for people to glimpse at your boosted post. 

The default options for boosted posts make it easy to spend your entire budget quickly. These default options are also set to target your current followers and their friends. Your follower’s friends may not be your ideal customer, so that means more ad dollars will be wasted. Boosting a Facebook post shouldn’t be out of the question, but you should understand the other options to advertise on Facebook. 

Facebook Ads manager is used to create ad campaigns. Ad campaigns can cost one dollar per day, and manual bidding allows you to get the most of your ad budget. There are various options, bidding strategies, and specific targeting choices within Facebook ads manager that will allow more control over the effectiveness of your ad. 

Closing Thoughts

We believe that strategically boosting a post is okay, but it is not always the best option to promote your local small business on Facebook. For more information on advertising on Facebook, please contact us and schedule a time to chat! 



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