What is a keyword?
Keith Minick

So what is a keyword?

What is a keyword? A keyword is a phrase or a word that you would like your site to rank for within the search engines. It can either be a single word or a combination of words. I would caution you on trying to rank for a single word because those are most likely the most highly competitive and most difficult to rank for. There are many different types of keywords so let’s explore those:

Head-term Keywords:

A head-term or otherwise known as a head keyword is in direct contrast to what we call long-tail keywords. it is a very popular keyword which most likely has a high search volume. They are generally very competitive to rank for in most search results.

Long-tail keywords:

Your long-tail keywords are keywords with three or more phrases. An example of a long-tail keyword is “ Atlanta Braves fitted hat” or “Best Realtor in Atlanta, GA.”

Navigational keywords:

Navigational keywords are those that is exactly how it sounds. They help you navigate to a particular company, brand or website. An example of navigational keywords would be Instagram, CNN, or Serv Marketing.

Informational Keywords:

Informational keywords are those words used to get more information on a particular topic. Think about how you search.  many users going to Google and ask, “ what is the best restaurant near me?” or “ how to change the oil in a Honda Pilot.”  these question type keywords are called informational keywords.

Transactional keywords:

This is exactly as it sounds. These are keywords meant to describe an action to be completed for commercial purposes. An example would be “purchase  and Atlanta Braves fitted hat online.”

What type of keyword should I rank for?

So the question becomes what type of keyword should you rank for. We recommend targeting long-tail, transactional, and informational type keywords.  These are going to be more specific and drive more traffic to your website and be easier for you to rank on the first page of the search engines. In many cases targeting the head keywords or navigational keywords are not worth your time and effort. Yes, they will have higher traffic numbers but they will not be able to discover you because you will not be on the first page of Google for a long period of time.

In our next post, we are going to discuss how to generate a really good list of keywords. We are also going to discuss tools and techniques for finding those keywords and implementing SEO on your site.


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