What is an AI video editor, and should I use one for my marketing videos?
Keith Minick

What is an AI video editor, and should I use one for my marketing videos?

The term AI is often misused and more often misunderstood by end-users. However, in this context, it is slightly more accurate. Most of the platforms discussed will implement some form of machine learning to assist the user. 

Online video editing platforms have been around for a long time. The format that is popular today comes from the increase in the use of video in online advertising. Video engages 10x better than any other media format online. That multiplier only stands to increases as users expect more video. From a certain perspective, you could argue that most non-linear editors leverage AI. Especially if you have ever cut and color-graded 8mm film. For now, we’ll let the analog artist fight that battle and stick to digital.

What is an AI video editor? 

Any platform that interprets footage and automatically, crops, zooms, re-times, and adds transitions is using AI. If that is based on what it learns from user behavior it can be considered a machine learning AI editor. These platforms will use analytics from videos the company hosts and algorithms to best edit your videos.

What do AI video editors not do?

Thes platforms will not, however, take care of more creative skill-based aspects of editing. This includes organizing clips into an order based on events to tell a story. That is a limitation of human editing I don’t know a computer could emulate effectively. That may just be the writer in me though. 

What are the benefits of using an AI video editor?

For businesses that are not staffing a creative or technical team, AI video editors are a great tool. Using an AI video editor may be the most cost-effective way to leverage engaging video in your marketing efforts. There is a wide price range, from $30 monthly to hundreds monthly based on the features needed. I will say that none reaches the cost of hiring a fully-fledged editor.

So you get the ability to tell your story without a steep technology learning curve. The turnaround is usually much faster because you are the creator and editor. After a review with your team, you’re ready to publish to all your platforms. You have a simple way to export into all needed formats. So no worrying about codecs or player compatibility, just a click to syndicate.

What is the downside to using an AI video editor?

There are some downsides to using AI video editors. They mostly revolve around a lack of control, whether that be how long or look of your video. Which is actually a good thing in some cases. I would argue it is not uncommon to sacrifice control for efficiency and effectiveness. Keep in mind the algorithms used are derived from data that real user engagement and viewing habits cultivate, so maybe the editor knows better. As an experienced video editor and storyteller, I am constantly annoyed by these limitations. They restrict my creativity and that slows me down, but sometimes the algorithm is right. Restricting creativity for someone less familiar with the process of video production can be really helpful. It removes the headache of wondering at every step if you are “doing it right”.  

Is an AI video editor the right solution for me?

As a filmmaker, my answer to this is probably always going to be no. You should schedule a call with us today and let Serv Marketing create your next video to represent your business. If I am honest though, I do use them and they can be great. For a simple video ad, AI video editors are an excellent tool. Not so much for a brand film or more in-depth production. All in all, these should be used to easily replace any simple graphics used in your marketing online.

What AI video editor would you recommend?

For simple short videos, we recommend Vimeo Create, Canva Video, and or Adobe Spark Video. These have the easiest shallowest learning curve. Not only that but you can easily get signed up and have your first video (or two) ready to publish the same day. We use all three and have had varying success as well as headaches with each. 



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