5 things to consider when searching for an SEO company
Keith Minick

5 aspects of a trusted SEO company/partner

These days, SEO is an important component of your business.  In fact, it’s so important that you actually cannot afford to make the wrong decision when selecting an SEO vendor. Selecting the right vendor should be based on whether they are a good fit for your company. As you are comparing vendors, reputation and skill are definitely important. However, the vendor’s approach to doing business is perhaps more important. After all, you can be the most skillful person in the world at what you do. But if you don’t know how to be a partner with the client, then you’re really just a technician. What are some indicators that you are dealing with a skilled and reputable vendor? Take these signs to

In your journey to find and compare SEO vendors, we believe there are road signs that indicate you are heading in the right direction. The destination is a trusted partner who knows your business and can help boost your rankings. Here are five road signs that point you toward a trusted partner, and not just a vendor.

  1. An SEO Partner has a Transparent Model and Culture

Trusted partners are experts who won’t shy away from offering you all of the information you need to make your decision. Your SEO partner should be transparent about the methods it uses, why it using methods instead of others, and how long will it take for you to see results.

  1. An SEO Partner Sets Realistic Expectations

Never trust companies that promise you incredible results overnight. An effective SEO strategy takes time to show results. A trusted SEO partner will set realistic goals in a realistic timeframe. They refuse to sugarcoat your potential loss, even though you don’t like to hear it. In the end, trust SEO partners will be far more likely to generate results.

  1. An SEO Partner is an Industry Leader

Working with a trust SEO partner means working with a company who is considered an authority and leader in the industry. Such a partner will be proactive, sought after, speak at conferences, post regularly on their social accounts, or have original ideas they share on their website or industry blogs.

  1. An SEO Partner will Walk the Talk

A trusted SEO partner will have great rankings. When searching for “SEO company” or “SEO consultants” in your area, a trusted SEO partner will be among the first sites on the results page. The same applies when you search for branded terms. This partner should also be featured on other outlets, such as blogs, social pages or press releases.

  1. An SEO Partner will Shares Client Lists

One of the most convincing arguments for a trusted SEO partner is social proof. You may not find testimonials, reviews or case studies on their site. But these resources should be available upon request. Check with their current or past customers to validate the agency’s capability. Look for legitimate proofs that provide the client’s full name and title.

The right SEO partner can help you grow your business. Unprofessional vendors can do more harm than good. Be extremely careful. Do your homework. Use these five road signs when comparing vendors. Then choose the one that you believe will be a trusted partner instead of just a vendor.


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